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Did you see us on Orlando’s Fox 35?

Recorded on July 13 starting at about 7:55 AM. Thanks so much to all the Quidditch players and fans who came out just after sunrise the morning after Night of a Thousand Wizards!


FOX 35 News Orlando


You can also click here to see the interviews & some Quidditch!

We’re all heading home (and most of you are already there)

Most of Team Ascendio are finally traveling home today – but a few, including HPEF president Bekki are staying in Orlando just a little while longer. Thanks so much to ALL of you who participated at Ascendio – the attendees, presenters, special guests, volunteers, Aurors, all the staff at the awesome Loews Portofino Bay Hotel & Loews Royal Pacific Resort (especially Bonnie and Deborah), Jeff from Teamwork, Jake and the team at Swank Audio Visuals, the awesome Alex and Family Art who created our Patronuses (Patroni?), DJ Alex, Universal Orlando Resort & the team at the WWoHP, the HP Alliance, the International Quidditch Association, and everyone who followed our FB posts, tweets and blog posts. OH! And Fox 35 WOFL - we’ll link to Friday’s tv appearances from soon.

Remember – you can purchase recordings of many of our programming sessions, as well as Wands By Wands By Wizards, at our Learning Center; we’ll have video from many of the sessions on YouTube soon.

We’ll have thousands of photos, more con reports, recordings, previews of interviews by @Hansi Oppenheimer and so much more over the next few days, too! If you’d like us to link to your con report on a blog, tumblr, lj, Facebook or elsewhere, please post a link in the comments!

We miss all of you so much already! And does anyone have an image or vid clip we can use for a pic or gif of “WE LOVE EVERYONE AT THIS CON!”? Send it to if you do!

Ascendio in Full Swing

Afshan Azad & Chris Rankin at the WWoHP (courtesy of Jill Staniec)

We’re just kicking off Day 2 at Ascendio and it’s been an absolute blast so far.  We’ve had some amazing presentations, totally awesome times with Team StarKid, loving Chris Rankin & Afshan Azad and their support of the fandom.

Today we’ve got even more presentations including: Chris Rankin’s thesis on the Fandom – “After the Saga,” MarkReads, and Lev Grossman talking about his unpublished interview with J.K.Rowling;  our Keynote Luncheon; the Ascendio Film Wizardry Film Festival; the To the Manor Ball; WandsXWandsXWizards; a fashion show; and so much more!

Click here to see the schedule

Don’t forget to stop by the Vendor rooms today. It’s open at 9 a.m. until 7 p.m.


Saturday Newsletter_

John Granger on Magical Language & Names, Alchemy and Academia

John GrangerThe Hogwart’s Professor is back!  John Granger, the leading expert on the subject of the artistry and meaning of J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter, is back for Ascendio.

He’ll be participating in three program events including a formal session, the MuggleNet Academia podcast and a special Meet-up.

MuggleNet Academia will be hosting a live podcast located in Ascendio’s Common Room on Friday at 11 a.m. If you’re not already familiar with Academia, it’s a fresh section of MuggleNet that explores, in detail, the politics and themes of the Harry Potter books (from an academic standpoint) and how they relate to our world. Orchestrated by MN Staffer Keith Hawk and “The Hogwarts Professor” John Granger, Academia has hosted several special guests from all over the fandom even in its infancy, and we have no reason to doubt that Ascendio’s show will be any different. Read More…

Volunteer Update

Calling all witches, wizards, squibs, and all other fantastical, magical beings!  Still not sure what volunteering is about?  Want to be entered for a chance to win groovy prizes? Like  rewards for your efforts?? Come to the Volunteer Orientations (s)!  Times and locations below.  The first one is Thursday 11 a.m. in DaVinci.  I can ‘t wait to meet all of you!!

Volunteer Coordinator


  • Join us for the Volunteer Orientation meeting tonight (Wednesday) in the Slash Suite (Rm 2328 Villa Wing) at 8 p.m. Bring your friends! Sign up to Volunteer! It’s a great way to meet new people & make life-long friends – See you there!
  • There is a Volunteer Orientation /Social on Thursday at 11 a.m. in the DaVinci Room.
  • Following along HP_Volunteers on Twitter for the latest volunteer news, kudos & general frivolity.
  • Volunteer Orientations
    • Wednesday night – 8 p.m. in Slash suite
    • Thursday – 11 a.m.
    • Friday – 9:30 a.m. at the Meet & Greet and again at 3:30 outside the Common Room
    • Saturday – 8:30 a.m.  and again at 4 p.m. outside the Common Room

The (Hopefully) Final List of Awesome Meet-Ups

Find other like-minded fans at Ascendio by coordinating a meet-up! From shippers to doll enthusiasts, even to fans of other fandoms (Hunger Games! Sherlock! Game of Thrones!), meet-ups are a great way to connect with other con-goers who love the same things.

Check out the awesome list of Ascendio Meet Ups here!

Now updated with new locations, dates, times and yes, more meetups!

Want to be on TV on Friday morning?

Orlando’s Fox 35 will be joining us on Friday morning at a little before 8 AM! Yes, that’s early, especially after Night of a Thousand Wizards 2, but if you’re interested in coming down to the Quidditch Pitch in your costume , we’d love to have you join us! Registrants, friends and family are all invited – and we’re planning a little Quidditch scrimmage to start the morning off right!