$200 for a Full Registration through CyberMonday

Thought you ought to know…

We’ve extended our $200 rate for a Full Registration through CyberMonday (November 28), so your Ascendio registration can be a great kick-off to the holiday season! Remember what’s included in a Full registration:

  • Two fantastic feasts

    The Welcome & Leaving Feast really add to the Harry Potter experience. And ensure you don't forget to eat (it happens).

  • Three days of formal and informal programming and meet-ups
  • All author readings and signings
  • Access to the Common Room, Art Gallery, Vendor Room, Craft Faire and Courtyard
  • Pickup Quidditch
  • The Afterparty at Malfoy Manor Ball (which we may come up with a better name for)
  • Showings of fanfilms, fanvids and some Harry Potter movies
  • Podcasts, workshops, drabble and drawble challenges
  • The Fashion Show on Saturday evening
  • Wrock concerts on Thursday (and acoustic wrock concerts throughout the weekend)
  • The ability to purchase a ticket to our private Park event (when they go on sale)

And lots more! Basically, this means that the cost of a Full registration is the same as you’d pay for a daypass for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but since it’s a Full registration, you also get to go to two amazing feasts at the Portofino Bay resort – one brunch on Friday, and one brunch on Sunday. You get the entire Ascendio experience!

Leaving Feast_25

Leaving Feast, yum!


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