Our Fashion Show is “Wanded and Fabulous”!

Is the catwalk calling your name? Were you born to vogue? Are you interested in watching creative fandomers showcase amazing, magical garb?  Here’s your chance!

On Saturday evening, Ascendio is putting on a Fashion Show on the main stage! Come see  some of fandom’s most ambitious and passionate costumers show off their digs, with styles ranging from “traditional” to fun wizarding takes on fashion staples, such as mod, avante garde and more!

There are many ways to participate, you can model your own costume/outfit, offer to model for a costumer, offer a costume for a model to wear, assist with makeup/hair, or hospitality backstage, or with tech/stagehand work.

Models can showcase their original creations, dress as a character from the HP universe or other realms – crossover costumes are also encouraged – or help others. The only requirements are that you are willing to be fabulous, and provide a short description of your character, outfit, or story for your esteemed Hosts to read while you do your thing on the catwalk.

Your only time commitment outside the show will be a short rehearsal before the show, and we’ll be having an optional meetup on Friday to meet other wizard fashionistas and discuss the show, so look for details as they are announced. More information for interested participants can be found at the Wanded and Fabulous Facebook Group!

Fill out the form right here, or if you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out online at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dDJlX01fRV9SMHU5MkFyanJZamsyVkE6MQ