Battle of Hogwarts

  Screening: Saturday at 7 PM 
  Venetian IV

Battle of Hogwarts is a fan film created and directed by Oliver Hollingdale and his team at Sunnymeade Films.  This short follows numerous wizards and witches during the great battle around Hogwarts castle.

According to the director – ‘We love all the Harry Potter movies and books, DH:Part 2 was great but it missed out key moments that we felt should have been included such as more focused duels and the deaths as well as the emotional impacts of main characters. With Battle of Hogwarts we want to bring our own interpretation to the short and we hope fans will love our project’


   Watch their trailer now…


Award-Winning Visual Effect Artist and Movie Director Oliver Hollingdale started off as a Fine Artist.
He studied Art for alot of his Education and explored in contempory and traditional painting techniques. This all changed when his BA Brighton University Course combined with film allowed him to explore in Mediums such as 16mm Black and White,  although this wasn’t his first encounter with film as he has explored and self taught many aspects that are in his interests such as visual effects.
In the present Oliver has worked with the Director Nigel Cole (Calender Girls, Made in Dagengam) and his brother Ben Cole (Producer) help create a hopeful pilot episode for Channel 4, he recorded the Sound and was second Camera Operator. He also worked voluntarily as a set Runner and 2nd A.D for a independent Movie called Seamonsters.