Ascendio Wrocks!

On Thursday, July 12, Ascendio will be hosting Ascendio Wrocks! — a jam-packed afternoon of Wrock performances on the Ascendio main stage! An exciting line-up of bands will take to the stage for an all-day Wrock concert. If you’re not already registered and all you want is Wrock? Tickets will  be available on-site at the Registration Desk from 10 AM on Thursday until the concerts are actually over! (A Thursday Day Pass is $50)

Ascendio Wrocks

Where: Tuscan IV

When: Noon-5 p.m., July 12, 2012


12 PM The Gryffindor Common Room Rejects
12:30 PM Seen and Unforeseen
1 PM Alex Boyd
1:30 PM Bella and LeStrangers
2 PM Carpe Geekdom
2:30 PM Hawthorne and Holly
3 PM Lauren Fairweather
3:30 PM The Butterbeer Experience
4 PM The Blibbering Humdingers
4:30 PM The Whomping Willows
5 PM House of Black


Band Bios

Alex Boyd

I’m a really big Geek and I’ve got a Guitar. My music can be described as science fiction folk punk rock. I sing songs about Games, Books, Movies, TV, and lots more. I have released 8 CDs including 1 CD title “I’ve got a Wand” about Harry Potter and 1 CD titled “Hair Ribbons and Rainbows” about The Hunger Games.

Alex Boyd
Alli Martin

Bella and le Strangers

Bella and le Strangers bring you sexy evil wizard rock. With four-part harmonies and a rare full-band feel, these wrockers will make sure you feel their power. Versatile performers, Bella and le Strangers have played at Potter conferences, traditional music venues, coffeehouses, and even renaissance faires and girl scout camps. They come to Ascendio from Connecticut, where they spend their time toiling at their Care of Magical Creatures and Muggle Relations jobs, and wrocking out at night.

Band: Emma Brice*
Ashley Hamel
Heather Brice*
Colin Brice*
Dane Scozzari
Jesse Edwards
Merch girl: Mary Hrenko

*unable to attend Ascendio

The Blibbering Humdingers

Scott & Kirsten started singing together in 1992, but didn’t start doing wizard rock until late 2007 after the release of Deathly Hallows. Most of their music is lyrically driven comedy, drawing musical inspiration from showtunes, 1950s do-wop, 80s new wave, rock, and old-timey swing music. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll crap your pants.

Scott Vaughan – vocals, guitar
Kirsten Vaughan – vocals
Jaqueline Haley – violin
Jessica Zimmerman – drum(s)
Bill Krick – merch

The Butterbeer Experience

Lena Gabrielle began performing as “The Butterbeer Experience” in August 2007, when she won the talent show at Prophecy in Toronto with her original song, “Alone.” Since then, she has played over 100 shows, been on two national tours, and released four CDs. Following surgery for vocal nodules in January 2010, Lena decided to forgo her wizard rock career to concentrate on healing her voice and working on “The Final Battle.” This is Lena’s first wizard rock show in over a year and she is ecstatic to be performing again, this time with an amazing full band and backup singers!

Carpe Geekdom

Ukulele! Guitar! Bass! Drums! Heart! With their instruments combined, wizard rockers Grace, Devon and Michael become the nerdrock trio Carpe Geekdom! Mixing vaudeville with the traditional concert experience, team Geekdom brings a veritable circus of nerdiness to each city with carnival games, audience challenges and superhero alter-egos, all in hopes of bringing down their villainous emcee, rapscallion Josh Rubino.

Grace Kendall
Devon Bennett
Michael Belsole
Josh Rubino

The Gryffindor Common Room Rejects

My name is Amber Opsincs and I’ve been wrocking since 2007. With the help of a couple of the coolest friends around, I wizard rock all over the place (mostly alone in the shower, though). Andrea Lewis has the most killer voice, and sings extremely lovely harmonies and there have been casualties when she helps me out at shows. So brace yourselves, and dance dance dance!

Amber Opsincs – performer
Andrea Lewis – performer
Madie Sims – roadie/merch

Hawthorn & Holly

We’re a pop punk wizard wrock band from North Carolina! Started in 2007 when Christie finished reading Deathly Hallows. She started looking online and found wizard rock! She then enlisted the help of her husband Eddie and her best friends, Tracy and Leah. Our albums on iTunes include “Jinxed in the Head” and “Our Friends Are Wizards” and our first Christmas album, “Christmas Magic” is featured on Tunecore. Hawthorn & Holly are the wands of Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter in the book, but in this band stands for the joining of light and dark to create music that appeals to the Slytherin in us all, but also shows that nothing is greater than the power of friendship!

Christie Mowery
Leah Schroeder
Tracy Pennington
Eddie Mowery
Dylan Hull
Phoenix Mowery

The House of Black

The House of Black is a dance/electronica wizard rock band! For over five years Erin Pyne has performed with the House of Black all around the United States at Harry Potter conventions and even on a Potter cruiseship to Mexico! Get out your lights and dance as The House of Black wrocks the Portofino hotel!

Lauren Fairweather

Lauren Fairweather is a full-time nerdy musician, youtube partner, and wizard rocker. Her songs feature catchy melodies over acoustic guitar and ukulele and cover everything from Harry Potter to Firefly to real-life experiences. She has released three solo albums and an EP so far, and isn’t stopping anytime soon. Lauren is also a member of prominent wizard rock band, The Moaning Myrtles and groundbreaking collaborative youtube channel, fiveawesomegirls. In addition to making music and youtube videos, Lauren frequently spends her time designing and sewing adorable plush toys for her home business, Fairweather Friends.

Seen & Unforeseen

Seen and Unforeseen is a band consisting of one 20-year-old lady named Eva Stormzand. Eva is an art student from Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she is studying Animation and Graphic Design. She is a Gryffindor, she has a cat, she plays guitar, she has brown hair, and she loves you.

The Whomping Willows

The Whomping Willows is the solo project of singer/songwriter Matt Maggiacomo. Combining an offbeat sense of humor with light political commentary and catchy melodies, Matt has written five full-length albums and two EPs (loosely) from the perspective of the violent tree at Hogwarts. Since the band’s inception in October 2005, the Whomping Willows has played over 600 shows throughout the United States and Canada. Also, Matt’s favorite color is blue and he enjoys whispering and making snow angels!