Night of a Thousand Wizards 2

UPDATED on June 23: Park Admission Time is now 2 PM on July 12

SQUEE! We’re going back to the Wizarding World!

Join friends and fellow Harry Potter fans for Night of a Thousand Wizards 2, HPEF’s next exclusive, after-hours event at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter® at Universal Studios, Orlando.

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NoaTW 2 will take place the evening of Thursday, July 12th in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter until 1 a.m. Friday morning. Fans will enjoy seeing – and being photographed in front of – Hogwarts castle lit up into the wee hours of the morning, gallivanting through Hogsmeade™ in full costume* (a privilege extended exclusively to our event!) and zipping through lines for The Forbidden Journey, Dueling Dragons and more!

Each NoaTW 2 ticketholder will be able to enter Universal’s Islands of Adventure® starting at 2 PM on Thursday, July 12, and will also be given a $20 voucher for dinner that can be used that evening. After 10, NoaTW2 ticketholders will have exclusive access to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, where we’ll be featuring an extensive menu of dessert and beverages on the streets of Hogsmeade – and they’re included with your NoaTW 2 ticket! We’ll have a a DJ spinning music, lashings of Butterbeer, and so much more! Since admission to Islands of Adventure is worth over $67 on its own when that type of ticket is available to convention attendees (and it isn’t in July anyway) which makes our NoaTW tickets an even better deal!

And there’s more! We’re having a charity auction – the winning bidder will get to skip the line for one of the Wizarding World rides and fly on a charmed bench, Hippogryff or dragon with Chris Rankin, Andrew Slack, MarkReads and other well-known fandomers!

A portion of each ticket for NoaTW 2 will go towards two inspirational fan organizations – the HP Alliance and the International Quidditch Association (IQA). So not only will you enjoy a unique park experience, but a percentage of your ticket will go towards supporting groups that delight, inform and help others, all in the name of Harry Potter!

Night of a Thousand Wizards tickets are now available to everyone! 

The price is $140 for registrants, and $155 for nonregistrants. You can register, purchase a NoaTW ticket or add a ticket to your registration here.

And remember, those with Merlin’s Circle registrations don’t need to spend anything extra to get a NoaTW 2 ticket – it’s already included with each MC registration.

Please note, Muggles and regular Park attendees will be allowed to remain in the WWoHP until 10 PM, while NoaTW 2 attendees can remain in the Wizarding World until 1 AM.

While online registration closes on June 25, you can buy a Night of a Thousand Wizards ticket online through July 9, but the price for everyone will be $155, regardless of whether you have a registration or not. 


Testimonial from Past Attendee, Henry Jenkins, at Night of a Thousand Wizards at Infinitus in 2010:

Make no mistake about it. This is a magical place. Some of the fans spoke of weeping the first time they entered this space. Others described it as a kind of homecoming as they were at last able to enter a world they had previously known only through their imagination. Suddenly, it became clearer that The Wizarding World is not about rides and attractions: it’s about an environment which conveys through sights, sounds, taste, smell and touch, which makes tangible what had felt so vivid in our minds before, and as the fans said again and again all night [during the first Night of A Thousand Wizards, Universal] really cared about the details. You can sip the Butterbeer; you can smell the steam coming out of the train; you can feel the speed of a Quidditch™ match; you can see the wonders of the magical school; and everything is accompanied with the movie’s soundtrack.

The fans are talking about how it “feels right,” how it achieves a kind of emotional integrity, which fits their impressions of the world where one of their favorite stories is set. There’s nothing empty here — all of the details matter here and are meaningful in relation to the books and the fantasies they inspire.

For the people here, the park is a play set, and I mean this in two senses. First it is a site of play — a invitation to flesh out this world through their own creative and imaginative acts of performance. The Wizarding World is something like the action figures I discussed in my essay on He-Man a few months ago. And second, it is a set — a place where they perform, where community rituals can be staged.

- Professor Henry Jenkins

Author of Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide


Ascendio attendees may wear costumes to the theme parks after 8pm, only on July 12, 2012. No masks, veils, long trains or live animals will be allowed.

Universal Orlando will have sole discretion to make a decision on whether a costume is appropriate and will be allowed to ask guests to make costume adjustments or to escort guests out of the park.

At no time may the costumed guest give the impression that they are a Universal Orlando employee.

Note that some costumes may not be permitted on certain attractions.

Note that wands will not fit inside lockers.

These Costume Guidelines may change at any time.


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