Home For The Summer

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Home For The Summer

I was 23 years old, and I had just finished graduate school when I came home to live at my mothers house for the summer. I had gotten a good job, but it didnt start until August, and I had no money saved, and could not afford another lease on my apartment, so I got a part-time job for the summer and moved home.
I had not been home for several years, and my older brothers and sisters were already gone out on there own. They only people living at Moms house, besides Mom, was my two half-brothers, Kurt, who was 15, and Miles, who was 7. Unlike most of the people in my family, I had managed to get a /college/">college education, and Mom was proud to have me home for the summer, bragging to everyone about her college educated /son/">son. She also said I could help keep an eye on the two boys while she worked, which I was more than glad to do. The boys had only been 10 and 2 when I left, so I really hadnt had the chance to get to know them much, like I did my older siblings.

Life at Moms was easy. She was gone most of the time, working or partying, as she always had done, and I only worked 3 nights a week waiting tables, so I spent quite a bit of time at home, cooking, cleaning, seeing old friends, and taking care of my brothers.

Id only been home a day or so when I realized I was already hot for my 15-year-old brother, Kurt. At 15, Kurt was turning into quite a hunk. He was thickly built, with well-muscled thighs and biceps, a smooth, developing chest, and a big bulge in his pants that I quickly noticed. Kurt was really /cute/">cute, and he had a lot of girls after him because of it. He was nice and polite, and quiet, too. He didnt say much. He had pale skin that was already getting a tan early in the summer from the lawn-mowing he did to earn extra cash, straight, light brown hair that he kept cut in a boyish wedge, constantly pushing his long bangs back out of his slightly freckled face. Kurt had full, sexy lips and shimmering, ice blue eyes that always had a faraway look to them. He was very laid back, taking life slow and easy, and he had a sexy "slowness" to his movements and language. 

Watching him, this boy who was not quite as tall as I was (he was about 510"), my mind raced back to my youth, and the wonderful years Id spent sucking and fucking my brothers, uncles, and cousins, in this house and in this small town.

Because of his "slowness", some people thought that Kurt was "dumb", but he was mainly just very introspective, although he didnt get very good grades in school. He spent hours sitting on the couch, watching TV, smoking pot, and daydreaming. I decided to use this to my advantage.
One night, after Id put Miles to bed, I joined Kurt in the living room, sitting in a chair across from the couch where he was lounging shirtless, hands behind his head, wearing only a very thin pair of gray cotton /gym/">gym shorts that did nothing to hide his manhood.

With his legs slightly spread, I could easily see the head of his cock and his /balls/big-balls/">big balls emerging from the leg alain lyle porn of his short shorts. I stared for a long time, making small talk, about life and college and other things. Finally, Kurt changed positions and stretched on his back on the couch, giving me a full view of his crotch area. He ran his hand across his smooth teenage chest, and down his shorts, exploring his package, and giving me a hard-on. My other brothers were easily seduced, and I figured this one would be as well. I went to the kitchen and when I came back, I sat at the end of the couch where Kurt was laying, saying I could see the TV better indian santali xvideo from that position.

Even after Id sat down, Kurt continued to fondle himself, affording me regular glimpses of his meat. At one point, he pushed the front of his shorts down, and gave his dick a lazy pull or two. That is when I looked over and gasped at the size of my little brothers /cock/big-cock/">big cock. It was a full ten inches, and thick, too. 
Taking a deep breath and gathering up all my nerve, I reached over and grasped it. "Gosh, youve got a /real/real-big/really-big-cock/">really big cock, Little Brother," I said. Kurt just smiled and spread his legs wider for me. I began to stroke my little brothers /dick/big-dick/">big dick, as he lay with his head back on a pillow, eyes closed.
"Do what ever you want," Kurt said, knowing what a fag I was.

So I repositioned myself, laying with my head in my brothers crotch, wrapping my arms around his thick, almost hairless thighs. Kurt guided his dick into his big brothers mouth, and I nursed the bulbous, engorged head like a baby sucking a bottle. I then licked the length of it, with long, hungry, strokes of my tongue, I savored the salty taste of my 15-year-old brothers shaft. I got to going good, up and down, giving my little brother a damn good blow job, taking most of his 10 inches down my throat.

I moved down onto the floor, with my head almost touching the base of the couch, as my brother sat on its edge. He aimed his hot rocket down at my waiting mouth, pushing it as far as it would go, then he fucked my mouth with his big dick. Next, he had me back up on the couch, me sitting, and he climbed up, grabbed my head, and roughly shoved his manmeat into my mouth, and fucked my face hard, his big, slightly hairy balls slapping against my chin.
I soon tired of sucking, and was itching to have that dick up my ass. So I moved back to the floor, pulling my brother by his hand, and I got on all fours. My brother mounted me from behind, lubed his cock with spit, and rammed his cock into my ass, pushing it to the hilt. He then pulled out and pushed in again, and soon he was fucking me good and hard, pounding me with his tool, grinding deep into me, fucking me like a stallion. Kurt was fucking me so hard that I was having to stifle my screams to keep from waking Miles. 

I wanted to see my brothers face as he fucked me, so I moved to the couch and sat down low on it, scooting my ass out for my brothers cockmeat. Kurt pushed my legs up and guided his cock into my ass again, and fucked me long and hard on the couch, until I was exhaused and we were both sweaty, and my brothers face contorted in /ecstasy/">ecstasy, just before he pumped his load of hot teen jizz deep in my ass. He pulled out and squirted the rest of his load on my chest, and then shoved his cock back into me, collapsing on top of me, my arms wrapped around my brothers back, caressing his baby smooth skin.

Needless to say, we enjoyed each other quite often that summer. He was like my other brothers, loved having his cock sucked lazily as he lay on the couch, which I often did for hours, or ramming his big ten inch tool up my ass and pounding away. Sometimes, Id mount him as he lay on the floor or on the couch, watching TV, and Id ride him like a bull, fucking and sucking for hours on end, until my ass was sore and my lips were numb and I had to rest. Often, after we were finished, Kurt would say with a deep breath, simply, "That was great!"

And it was. I still remember the awesome summer I spent fucking my 15-year-old brother, and I always will. Kurt is 25 now and every now and then, he shows up at my house and fucks me good with his ten inch cock, for old times sake.