The Wild Wild West Ch 2

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The Wild Wild West Ch 2

I woke up with the smell of food cooking. That’s when I realized I was starving. I forgot where I was, and then the memories came rushing back to me. A smile slowly formed on my lips, as my eyes slowly started to flutter open. 

I reached over to the other side of the blanket, but I was lying there alone. I sat up on my elbows and started to look around for Wade. Then I saw the cook fire and seen him kneeling next to it, cooking. 

He was so beautiful, sitting there bare footed and also with a bare chest. He looked over at me and smiled at me. That smile told me he was happy, and had no regrets. I saw hunger jump into his eyes.

He stood and started to walk towards me. He had his jeans on, but they were still unbuttoned, and only partially zipped. I could see the curly hair disappearing into his pants. Yum, delicious, I thought to myself.

Me on the other hand, was still very naked. For some reason, I felt a little shy at my nakedness, and I started to pull part of the blanket over to cover me. He reached down and stopped my hand at my breast. ’What are you doing?’

I looked up at him with that shy little girl stare. ’I don’t know, a just feel a little weird.’ I said to him quietly.

He pulled the blanket away from my body. ’Don’t, you have nothing to be ashamed of or shy about. You are beautiful, and I want to see your beautiful naked body’, he said as he smiled at me.

That was all it took. That gave me the confidence that I needed. I put my hand on the back of Wades’ head and pulled him down to my lips. Our tongues played against each other, as we kissed. This is the only man for me. This is the only place I wanted to be. That is right here with him, devouring each other’s bodies every moment of the day.

He slowly pulls away from me, just enough to look into my eyes and lick his lips. ’Are you hungry, my love?’ He said hoarsely.

’Oh yes, famished, but I can use some food right now as well’, I said teasingly.

He laughed softly, and kissed the tip oh my nose. ’If we want to do any of that again, we need to eat to keep our energy up. That just about drained me’, he said laughingly.

’I think I can live off just that all by itself. But if you need to eat ’food’ then you can feed me as well’, I said amusingly.

He took my hand and led me to the fire. He went over and grabbed his shirt and put it around me, so I wouldn’t get a chill. He even turned me around and helped me with the buttons. I couldn’t stop looking into his deep brown eyes.

We sat down on a log that he had covered with a towel. He handed me a plate of the delicious food. That’s when the hunger pains hit me. We sat quietly and ate, looking at each other often.

After we finished eating, Wade took my plate and started cleaning up around the fire. I stood and looked over to the waterfall. ’I think I will go for a swim and refresh myself. Will you join me?’ I asked him with a new kind of hungry feeling.

’Go on and I’ll join you in a minute. I have to go to the little boys tree’, he said jokingly.

I kissed him lightly on his lips. I looked at him seductively and said, ’I don’t see any boys here, I only see one hot, very masculine piece of man meat.’ I started laughing, at the look on his face, as he tried to decide whether or not he should take that as a compliment or not.

’Well baby, I have to drain this hot, very masculine piece of man meat’; he said grabbing his cock and shaking it at me, as he laughed at me.

’Do you need help holding that piece of meat or can you handle it yourself,’ I stated to him as I started to take off the shirt, without taking my eyes a way from his.

’I think I can manage on my own, thank you. I’ve been hefting this oversize anaconda on my own now for 27 years. You just take that pretty ass of yours on into the water and I’ll be with you soon, very soon.’ He said to me as he lightly tapped me under the chin, and winked at me.

’OK, holler if you need any help, and I will be there in a jiffy.’ I proclaimed as I ran into the spring.

I watched as Wade vanished behind some trees. I turned and swam over to the beautiful waterfall. The depth of the water was just at my ribs. I stood up and tilted my head back and let the cool water splash onto my face. I stood there for what seemed like an eternity. It felt glorious. 

I wanted to build a house right here, next to this beautiful waterfall spring. Then Wade and me could fuck here all the time. That would be just beautiful.

I felt his bokep sma pecah perawan hands slide across my stomach as his arms wrapped around my body. He pulled me tight against his body, and started to kiss and nibble on my neck. I never wanted to leave here. I wanted to run naked and live like this forever. 

’I see you didn’t have any problems with that hunk of man meat’, I said as he pressed it against my ass.

’No, well I did have a slight problem with it’, he confessed.

’You did? Why?’ I asked curiously.

’From where I stood I could see you, and it was like it had a mind of its own. It kept coming to live every time I tried to relax and piss.’ I heard a laugh escape his lips. ’I had to turn away and stop looking at you so I could finally relieve myself.’

I giggled as he sucked the lobe of my ear into his mouth. The giggle was cut short and it was replaced by a low moan.
’What happened baby? You stopped laughing. You don’t like this?’ He asked me teasingly.

’Oh yes, I like this. I like this more then anyone can imagine. Laughing is just not what this point in time calls for my love.’ I said breathlessly.

He took his right hand and slowly slid it down my stomach. He touched the small patch of hair that was at the end of the trail. He slowly twirled his fingers in the small curls. A moan slid out between my lightly parted lips. I grabbed his hand and pushed it further between my legs, as my /wet/wet-clit/">wet clit started to throb and ache for his touch.

’Oh my little filly, you want me to touch your love nub, don’t you?’ He asked me just as breathy as I was.

’Oh yes, please. I want you to touch me, and love that spot.’ I replied.

His middle finger slowly and softly rubbed the nub until it protruded out of my pussy lips. My breath was coming out in shallow and rugged gasps. I reached behind him and grabbed his tight, firm ass and pushed him even tighter into my backside. I felt every muscle in his long, tall body.

I felt his cock press up against the crack of my ass, as his left hand reached up and started playing havoc on my hard and aching nipples.

My body was made for him to use and torture. I found the reason I was put onto this earth. Just for this man alone, to take me over and over again.

He guided me over to a rock that was halfway under the old waman xxxgx waterfall. The water was shallower here. It just came up to just under my ass cheeks. He bent me over the rock and went down on his knees. He parted my ass cheeks and started to run his tongue up the slit of my pussy, then to my little puckered /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole. I never had this done to me, but I will plan on this happening again and again.

He circled my ass hole with his tongue, while he put 2 of his fingers into /wet/pussy-wet/my-wet-pussy/">my wet pussy. Then he started to push the tip of his tongue into my ass hole, wiggling it so I would start to loosen up.

He removed his wet, slippery fingers from my cunt and slowly began pushing them into my tight hole. I gasped, not knowing if this was pleasure or pain. ’Relax baby, it might hurt a little at first, but you will adjust to it and find a whole new pleasure.’