office bet

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office bet

U am a 24 year old woman in great shape with good taste in shoes and a wicked ddd bust who just happens to be successful enough to work at a thriving ad agency. Apparently when my older colleagus reach professional success they put on weight, regress about ten to fifteen fashion years, and become non sexual and boring. Im no /nympho/">nympho but I enjoy bein young and sexy and like chatting about my sex life to good friends.

Sometimes if I havent gotten any in awhile I find myself day dreaming about tongue on my clit and strategically and descretely sitting cross legged on the arm of my chair in the cubical while I type. The motion of my typing makes me move in just so suddel a way as to tease my clit till eventually I cant take it, at which point I lean back and enjoy my /climax/">climax. Meanwhile masking it by pretending to let out a sigh of frustration at my computer. When really my neglected nipples are searing holes in my shirt as my pussy twitches in relief. Actually during a dry spell this happens almost every day on the dot at about 2:30. Some days I dont get to cum because some passer by walked past the cubicle and I got nervous and stopped. Although I can only imagine how hard I would cum if I could do it in front of someone and look them dead in the eye while they have no idea whats happening under my business skirt. If only I would let myself.

My office partner, chuck and I are very competitive people, especially with eachother. We are best friends. We are always making bets to shake up our boring office day. fact we get so bored with the hum drum people we work with that every time we get out of the office for lunch we talk about sex. We confess every thing. He knows my divine enjoyment of a good clit licking and I know ge secretly almost cums in his pants when he sees an attractive woman adjust her bra in public. Just little things like that.

We always do presentations together. We both create the pitch on power point and obed presents and the other guides with code gesture phrasrs. When guiding slides right, absolutely means xxx go to the right, really? Means go to the left, interesting means speed things up, mmm hmmm means keep doing what youre doing, and bingo means you are doing great.

One day we got in competitive little argument about who is more focused and less distracted with big clients. We made bets that no matter what the other one did that i/ he could keep focus. One day we got stuck in an elevator jam alone for about an hour and he had to take a big conference call on his cell. Being all alone and remembering his /fetish/">fetish, I began to just suddely straigten my bra over my shirt. He gave me an evil look as his voice cracked on the phone. Politely I waited till the part of the call where mostly he had to listen, and kind of got more comfy with my bra. Straightening it side to side, lifting up my boobs to perk up just right. He started to sweat and without even touching himself I could tell he was close so I decided to put him out of his misery and do something over the top to help him cum. By now he had muted his phone and just kept grunting. I said, my nipple must be dry chuck no matter what I do they keep catcing on my bra. I should lotion on them. Right then I pulled them atop my shirt and got the lotion from my purse.

I said, oh shoot this is scented I cant use it what will I do now? His leg was twitching as his cock was on the verge of explosion, at which point I walked my nipple over to his tongue for help. He eagerly licked my nipples and in seconds he was blowing his load in his pants. The elevator buzzed that it was working again and we quickly gatherered ourselves to go to the next meeting. As we walked down the hallway I whispered, you cheated you muted your phone. And you think you can do better, he said. Of course I answered. He gave me the look like youre on. We walked in to the meeting office where the oval desk had a front that extended all the way to the floor so that we can conceal presentation materials until we are using them. We had a prelim meeting in a few minutes with a client where we were just going to discuss our advertising services.

As I hear them walk down the hall toward the office Chuck dives under the desk. As he pulls porn videos download me to sit in the chair I realize he is challenging my bet. Thedoor opens and the client shuffles in, completely unaware of my colleague under the desk. As the client finishes a phone call chuck says use the code. It wasnt for a minute or two till I realized what was going on. While I explained our services chuck just traced my thighs with his fingers. My heart sped up and my pussy lips were soaking the chair but I had it under control and I delivered my speech perfectly. I thought if this was all he had then I had one the bet. I asked the client what he expected of our agency and as began to explain chucks fingers began pulling my panties to the side. Oh god, focus. I felt his hot breath on my clit. I couldnt take it anymore as his tongue approached my pussy. I needed to fucking come already god I needed to come. Suddenly I remembered his comment about our secret gestures. He wanted me to secretly tell him how to make me cum.

I figured I could just make it sound like I was listening intently. I began by saying right absolutely right interesting really really oh god bingo bingo. At this point Chucks tongue was curiously flicking my wanting clit. I pretended my phone was ringing and told the client it was an emergency if he could step outside and give me one minute. Believe me I was was so close I wouldnt need the whole minute. When the client stepped out Chuck stopped. What the hell I screamed Im so close! He said tell me I win the bet. What I said. He said thats right say I won and say I,m the man. I hardly got out I wo when he buried his face in my cunt. As my tingling climax approached I grabbed his head and humped it yelling my whisper YOU WIN YOu WIN YOu ARE THE MAN!!!Later as we walked to the elevator with my secretary I mouthed wanna win again? He was confused until the doors closed and I intentionally stopped. The elevator. I pushes him to the ground and sat on his face. I ordered the young secretary to lick my tits or Id fire her... I love my Job!