Julia my darling

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Julia my darling

Julia my darling

Julia is a beautiful young woman. She possesses beautiful eyes, long blond hair, round full grown up breasts, appealing lips, attractive hips and above all a heart throbbing sexy figure. 
I like her very much and truly speaking, I love her. 

In dream, I enjoy her naked body’ In dream, I fuck her in her pussy’ In dream, I suck her breasts’ In dream, I feel the excitement of her leaking and sucking my penis’ 
I spend many passionate nights in my dreams. 

In my dreams, I see Julia's extremely attractive beautiful naked body, the gentle curve of her breasts and the beauty of her pussy’ In dreams, I feel the warmth of her kisses on my lips, her nipples in my mouth and the sweet taste of her vaginal sex juice coming out of her pussy canal’ 

However, those were sweet exciting dreams only and not in reality. I thought about it often enough, but never acted upon those thoughts. I restricted myself to the idea that lovely Julia was ’unattainable’. I never believed that I would have the fortune to feel Julia's electric touch in her completely naked body outside my dreams.
I masturbate frequently imagining as if I was fucking sexy Julia in her pussy.

I tried to open my heart to her several times, but I could not do so as I could not read her mind. 
Few days back while gossiping in a restaurant, I suddenly asked her, ’Julia how you think about me?’ 
She looked at me, remained silent for a while and then keeping her eyes to my eye told, ’Should I be frank?’
I replied, ’Yes, of course’.

She after some hesitation, leaning her face slightly down, spoke in a soft and shy voice, ’I like your personality, your polite and affectionate behaviour. I like you right from the time I first meet you. I know you like me too. I can see it in your eyes. However, I could not open my mind due to my natural shyness which women generally posses. I dream you in every night. I am mad of you and want to be make love with you in a completely private location where there shall be none except you and me.’ 

She continued, ’I was waiting for the moment when you shall open your mind and propose me. On holidays, I feel very much lonely. I shall be happy if you kindly visit my residence at the weekends and holidays to give me company and to enjoy good days?’ 

I was very much delighted wwwxxx hearing her and replied, ’Sure, it is a pleasure to me to spend time with a lovely woman like you. It is a dream to me but I hesitated to open my mind to you. You are so kind of me. I must go to your home on next Sunday morning and enjoy the whole day with you.’ 
I could see a sign of delight in Julia’s face. She responded, ’Most welcome, I shall be eagerly waiting for you’.
I considered my self very lucky getting a chance to spend a day with a beautiful and sexy woman like Julia. 
It was Sunday; I reached to her residence at about eight o’clock morning. 
I pushed the doorbell and waited with baited breath for it to open. Every nerve in my body was tingling.

’Come on in,’ a sweet female voice called from inside the apartment, ’it’s unlocked.’ 
Gingerly I pushed the door open and stuck my head inside. 
The apartment was beautiful. Plush purple carpet and expensive classical furniture filled the huge living room. 
I stepped inside.

I found sitting on the sofa Julia was reading a sex magazine.
Julia was delighted to see me and in a deep syrupy voice spoke, ’Please come in and make yourself at home!’ 
Julia was wearing a printed silk sari and a low cut blouse. She looked very beautiful. 

She stood up, held my hand and casually led me over to her bedroom. 
The room was huge, comfortable and well furnished with one full size mirror on the wall. Works of art were hung on the walls, mostly of /women/nude-women/">nude women and men. 
The bed was placed in the centre of the room. 
The entire part of the bed was visible through the mirror. 
I could see Julia and me through the mirror.
I appreciated Julia’s test.
’Did you have any trouble finding my house?’ She asked.
’Uh, no, not at all,’ I replied.

With a brief moment of hesitation, I wrapped my arms around Julia’s waist and pulled her closer to me.
I could feel her /boobs/big-boobs/">big boobs pressing against my chest. I could feel the warmth of her body.
I nuzzled up to her cheek and rubbed my cheek against hers. I felt her soft skin against my face. 
It made me happy that she was with me alone.
It made me happy that I would enjoy sex with Julia in the way, as I would like.
I was so tensed that I wanted to attack her with a shower of kisses all over and everywhere, but I controlled myself to see what Julia did.
Her arms reached around my back and pulled me abruptly against her. 
Julia grabbed my head, pulled my face to hers, looked at my eyes and presented a soft kiss. 
I felt the smooth texture of her lips. Her lips were so smooth, so supple, that I was almost lost in them. 
Her sweet, soft lips felt so good that I did not want it to stop.
The kiss became more and more passionate and our lips locked in ever-increasing desire. 
The kiss was not only one of passion but sweet and lovely. 
Julia ran her hand up my arm and rubbed my cheek. 
Her hands became uncontrolled and searched for the button in an attempt to remove my shirt.
She unbuttoned my shirt and removed it.
As she embraced me tightly and pressed her body against me, I could feel the soft touch of her developed large breasts on my bare chest.

My heart started to beat faster. 
My arms wrapped around her back as if to never let her leave.
My hands started probing and caressing every square inch of her voluptuous body. 
Her fingers also roamed the region of my bare back and then slowly worked their way to my chest. 
As she played with my nipples, I became more and more aroused. 
My hands worked their way under her blouse and began to explore her back and then her chest and then her breasts.
My hands discovered her breasts and stayed there to play. I enjoyed the feel of her full breasts in my hands. I could feel her nipples became hard from all of my soft caresses.
I gently nibbled and caressed Julia’s nipples and then kissed her breasts over the blouse.
Julia suddenly noticed the bulge in my pants, which formed a large tent in the front of my trouser. 
She smiled and said in a naughty voice, ’My darling, your cock appears to be restless. Now I am going to bring it from its hiding place’.
Sitting upright on the bed, she pushed me onto my back, unzipped my pants and slipped her hand inside my trouser. 
Seductively licking her lips, she cupped the shaft of my penis, which grew extremely hard and was straining to release itself from its cloth prison. 
With some difficulty, Julia maneuvered my eight inches long erect big member out into the open air.
She pulled out my trouser and made me completely naked.
My penis stood straight up proudly at attention pointing directly at her hungry face and pulsated with every heartbeat. It was hard as blue steel and was ready to explode. 

Julia was spellbound to see my huge erection standing up firmly just below the washboard stomach. She kissed its swelled crown affectionately. 
Staring at me, she said with a very sexy voice, ’My sweet darling your cock is really magnificent. It is so big, so thick and so long that I could not imagine before. The lovely bluish veins running crisscrossed over the entire shaft and the contrast between the smooth soft head and the hard firm shaft in combination with scrotum with pair of big balls hanging from the root of your cock is unbelievably arousing! I have not seen such a /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock in past. It is an asset for any woman. I am sure it will give me extreme pleasure when it will enter me.’ 
I again embraced Julia and crushed my lips against hers. 
The kiss started slowly and built, mouths parting first a little than more, tongues touching gently at first, and then darting deeper.
The kiss ended. 
I nibbled her ear and whispered, ’Julia I am eagerly waiting to make love with you, holding you, watching you, teasing you, seducing you and above all pleasuring you.’
She touched both my hands and said, ’I too. Enjoy me in whatever way you like’. 
I suddenly realize that I was completely naked and yet she was not! 
To remedy the situation, I told, ’Julia, my darling, please take off your cloths and get yourself naked. I am eagerly waiting to see you nude.’
I walked over; sat nude on the chair, my penis was standing straight with balls hanging from the root. 
Julia standing at the center of the room and staring straight into my eyes, started to strip off her.
She removed her sari, unbuttoned the blouse and pulled it down revealing her black lace bra. 
She then very slowly removed the bra, inch by inch, a little bit at a time. Finally, it was off. 
She dropped the bra to the ground, revealing her truly amazing pair of massive breasts I had ever seen. 
Her breasts were perfectly round at the base, coming to sky seeking peaks at the nipples. 

Her breasts were quite large with nipples jutted out at least a half of an inch from large brown areolas. 
Julia shook her breasts probably to excite me. 
My heart was pounding like a jackhammer and pre-cum started to leak from the slit of my erect penis. 
I looked up at her face and whispered, "/tits/nice-tits/">nice tits, let me see the rest of you!" 
Julia felt no shyness getting naked before me.
She untied the rope of her petticoat, pulled it down, dropped to the floor and stepped out of it revealing her most charming pussy. 
She was completely naked! What a gorgeous sexy and beautiful well-shaped body! 
Her long blonde hair, her perky breasts, her flat belly, her smooth legs, her bulged pubic mound, her swelled puffed up vaginal vulvae, her thin pussy inner lips and most of all her big black beautiful eyes that always made my heart melt, all those things, that I knew so well in my dreams, were here in front of me in reality. 
Her pubic region was shaved clean. 
The pubic mound, vaginal vulvae, cracks and inner lips of her bulging pussy was clearly visible. 
My heart nearly stopped at the incredible sight before me.
I admired amazingly, "Oh God. Julia, you have a sexy figure, appealing large pair of well-shaped boobs and lovely pussy. Your bulged pubic mound and your swelled puffy vaginal vulvae all are shaved. Your pussy looks as smooth and delicate as that of a newborn baby. What an absolute beauty. Your beauty is heart throbbing of every man. Your naked beauty with clean shaved pussy is very sexy and beyond imagination’. 
I continued, the wwwxxx ’How you came to know that a naked woman without pubic hair around her pussy looks much more beautiful than she actually is. Is it your own idea or you have been told this by some body? I thought my first job after I come to your house is to save your pussy at the first opportunity so that I can enjoy your naked body manifold. But you have already done it.’ 
Julia with a shy smile replied, ’Frankly speaking, I know men generally like clean shaved pussy as they feel discomfort to lick a woman’s pussy with bush.’ 
I told, ’Okay, you are partly correct. However, to me the main reason is that a naked woman looks more naked and sexy when her pubic hair is clean shaved. Any way do you shave your pussy regularly?’ 
She replied, ’No darling. After I knew your programme of visit to my home, I thought you shall definitely enjoy my naked body and I should shave for your convenience and to seduce you as well. That is why, while returning my home yesterday from the office, I dropped in a beauty parlor and got my pubic hair shaved there. In fact, it is not shaved; the hairs are cleaned by electrolysis process to keep the skin smooth, which most modern parlors apply now days. Now I find I could read your mind correctly.’ 
We looked into each other’s eyes.
My penis stayed so hard that I could not even sit comfortably.
I stood up, grabbed her by my arms and flung her over her back on a large easy chair. 
I pushed her legs apart and placed them on the arms of the chair to afford an open access to her bulging pussy begging for attention.
Her cute pussy was more than exposed.
I could see her bulged hairless vaginal vulvae parted by a long crack.
I could see her thin pussy inner lips jutting out obscenely, giving every indication that her pussy was in a state of high sexual readiness.
I could see her pink clitoris accompanied by little beats of pussy juice clinging along her long crack. 
I praised amazingly, ’You have the biggest and sweetest pussy I had ever seen in my life. It is so cute, so beautiful, and so sexy. It is more than enough to bring any man’s massive cock back to full erection’.